Remember the equation ?
Profit is equal to Revenue minus Cost. We solve its most difficult part. We bring in Revenue.

Accepted, your sales and marketing guys are incredibly good. But to entice a consumer population of three million at one go requires a special kind of talent.

Direct Marketing
Market Research
Technology Application

If you are to believe our clients (all are gifted businessmen), we have loads of it.

Think again.
Selling something day after day in spite of indifference, clutter and competition is quite a task. Is there anything one can do to help? You bet. We can engage your TA so convincingly that they will eagerly invest their time and money on your brands as long as it is humanly possible.

Want to know how do we do it?
Step 1 : Know the people : Good, bad, thin, fat, misers, spenders - know them all.
Step 2 : Feel the time : Good, bad, boom, bust, inflationary, deflationary.Feel it.
Step 3 : Understand the correlation : In the multi-dimensional domain of people-time, crazy things happen. It's not always possible to describe them in logical or mathematical terms. So with the five senses, soak it all up.
Step 4 : Attempt to be the first : Because that's the only way to take advantage of the complexity. It will take some raw courage and some intelligence but if you are to believe our clients… etc. etc.

There is another thing.
It will help in case you could not figure out a bit of our 4-step algorithm! Around fifty years ago, the Great Bernbach said, "Properly practiced creativity can make one ad do the work of ten". You know what? It still holds true.