Direct Marketing

Ogilvy loved direct marketing.
We love it too. Guess why? Segmentation is all very good and segmentation makes targeting easy; but every human being is, in someway, different. In someway, unique.

Super size burgers and mint-flavoured condoms are not for all.

Market Research
Technology Application

The everyday search of 'customized' triggers and the concept of keeping a fat address book have changed the way we do one to one business.

Let’s direct market more. Because :
1. It allows us to be free from 'assembly line' communications and to get in touch with individual aspirations.
2. Brand reality (Bill Fryer taught this to us) is better experienced through direct marketing.
3. Advertising and direct marketing make a lethal combination.
4. We will know everytime, precisely how much money we have sunk in the last campaign.

Well, some experts say, you have to be incredibly lucky to have above 3% response.

Direct market with us. You will know that's BS.